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As the world groaned under the weight of the pandemic, ministry was still going on via the internet; the Gospel was still being shared in a multitude of styles. Visual Faith was on the cutting edge of our new global reality as digital missioners. During that time, the Visual Faith coaches had a Zoom meeting where I first heard about the plans for an online conference/retreat that highlighted Visual Faith practices. These studies began with a brief text to Pat Maier back in the midst of the first of several COVID-19 shutdowns, offering up whatever help she thought I might be able to provide.


Connie Denninger and Pat Maier provided the central Bible verse, found in Psalm 91:1 where God encourages us to Abide in His presence. The planning committee asked me to write 4 Bible Studies that would highlight this concept and the rest is history. The four studies, on Rest, Obedience, Surrender, and Worship gave us a place of mediation and learning, plus the opportunity to employ several different Visual Faith practices. After the studies were in place, Diane Marra put forward the idea of making some videos that would walk along side the studies, for further exploration of the topics. God has blessed me with two beautiful daughters who are dedicated to serving the Lord and willing to share Him with the world. They agreed to help with creating a conversation around the Word, with the hope that these shared experiences would spark your own grappling with God’s Word in these four areas.  


It is my fervent prayer that the studies and the videos serve to draw you into God’s Word, enliven your spirit, and strengthen your faith as you join us in study and prayer. God bless you as you hopefully share these studies with your friends and neighbors, opening the door of God’s love to an even greater audience.


These video sessions didn't actually walk through the studies word for word, but presented an overview, and a behind the scenes conversation on how it came together, and some highlights from each weekly study.  

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Carolyn Bira

Here is the link to the Bible Study document.  

"Rest" part 1                 4/8/21

This video acts as an introduction to the whole series. We look closely at the Hebrew characters for the word 'Abide', as even just the word itself can give us insight into what it means to abide in the presence of God. We also talk about the need for rest. God models rest for us in the creation story and we do well to learn how we are best able to rest in His presence.

"Rest" part 2                 4/15/21

The prophet Elijah lives through a stunning time of struggle for the Lord and basically collapses before the Lord in despair. We talk about the fact that sin pulls at us from every direction and becoming overwhelmed by it all happens to ALL OF US. Taking that time of rest in the Lord is the ONLY WAY to survive. It is in that God-filled silence that we are able to receive His strength and healing.

"Obedience"      4/22/21

One of the stand out stories of the Bible is that of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. In this video, we discuss the fact that God is always there, waiting to walk with us through whatever life brings us. Learning to walk in obedience is a life-long process and we are inspired by the obedience of those who went before us.

"Surrender"      4/29/21

Mary, the Mother of Jesus lived a most extraordinary life. This discussion centers around her willingness to surrender to the difficult task of bearing, nurturing, and ultimately watching her Son die. She does this by abiding in the Lord for her strength and "pondering these things in her heart." Her life of surrender into God's will stands as a role model for all Christians.

"Worship"           5/6/21

Finally, we spend some time in prison with Paul and Silas, who managed to worship God in the worst of circumstances. One of the key ways we abide in the Lord is through our worship life and we spend time talking about what that look like in our own lives and how that might be improved.