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Bible Journaling Margins

Writing in the margins is an open door for God to bless our lives! 

Let’s take a closer look at this process of writing in the margins….

To discover the “heart” of Bible journaling, VFM recommends

reading Writing in the Margins by Lisa Hickman.

There are experiential prompts at the end of each chapter,

and the book is suitable for group study. Lisa encourages

us to view the blank spaces around the biblical text as:

“a life-giving, chaos-breaking, transforming, creative conversation

between you and the eternal God.”

Writing in a Bible is not a new thing.

Marginalia (the ancient term) is anything written into the

white space between and around the text on a page. It is how we

“talk back to books.” It can be as simple as underlining

and highlighting, adding notes and prayers,

or adding image and color to create a picture memory in our minds.

How do you allow space in your heart and your calendar

for being available to God?

By practicing Bible journaling as a spiritual discipline - whether

in the margins of your Bible or in the “margin”

of a separate journal - God shows up here in the space

– of time and in the margin – that we offer Him.

Margin notes can help with the discipline of PAYING ATTENTION.

We have a God of dynamic interactions, it’s just that we often

do not pay attention! We are called to pull ourselves

out of this world long enough to

notice what God is doing in it.

God loves to see the story He is writing in each of our lives …

… illustrated in the margins and pages as we prayerfully respond in

conversation to His Word. Our Heavenly Father rejoices when

we see Him in the small details and margins of our lives.

 Imagine His delight to bring majestic things

forward - front and center!

Visual Faith® Ministry offers free bible margins located in

our Shoppe for you to download, color, and put into your Bible.

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Devotional Journaling

Daily devotional journaling in a traveler’s journal works for those who travel or may need to fit their quiet time into a busy workday.

Visual Faith® Ministry also teaches and encourages devotional journaling. This term may include Bible journaling or personal journal responses, but specifically includes the practice of using a calendar template for recording a “take-away” image or word summary from an ongoing daily devotion. It’s often a short devotion which, when coupled with a brief pause to reflect and add a word or tiny drawing, might be do-able for even the busiest schedule. The result is a tiny “billboard” which is easy to recall, which helps in remembering the devotion throughout the day. The finished calendar page becomes a snapshot of your devotional journey for that month.

Devotional journalers who create tiny “doodled” images to summarize each devotion, often tag these on social media sites as #tinyscripturedoodle.

Devotional journaling.JPG

Daily devotional journaling using a calendar template, like all visual faith practices, will look different for each person. It might be just one word, a phrase, or an image. It might be done with just a pencil or pen - or colored in and with added decorations to help with remembering during the day. Daily devotional journaling in a traveler’s journal works for those who travel or may need to fit their quiet time into a busy workday. This practice works just as well with a desk pad calendar or one of the Devotional Calendars or Seasonal Devotional Calendars for Advent or Lent in our resource section.

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