So what is a Commonplace book?

The book of commonplace is a central resource or depository for ideas, quotes anecdotes, observations and information that you come across during your life, and to record these gems for later use. Napoleon had one, Bill Gates has one, and a pile of other famous people have them. A spiral notebook would suffice., but why not a pretty one?  Actually, Pinterest is a type of commonplace book...of a modern sort.


Paula Parkison

Paula Parkison

Paula is a mixed media artist who began as a scrapbooker, graduated to cards and canvas and art journaling.  As a spiritual being, she chooses to glorify God and encourage His people through Scripture Snippets (bits of embellished Scripture made into little books), and Commonplace Books...made for others to document what they deem as "keep-worthy." A Commonplace Book can be done in a spiral notebook, or into something lovelier to view. Generally, they are books to document and keep quotes, thoughts, and passages from other books...all gems to keep at your fingertips for later use.   If you would like to purchase a custom Commonplace book from Paula directly send her an email at: ( We will be sharing Scripture Snippets photos in Dec.)

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