Faith Family Rolodex

created by Connie Denninger

"About eight years ago, an interchange in a Bible class led me to create a tool for helping with the faith vocabulary teaching in family settings. I found that that there was a lot of "church speak" that we expected families to teach at home without much useable and organic materials to do just that job.  So I started an online file of words and definitions.

Connie Faith Family Rolodex.png

Each week I simply added words to the "dictionary" both as refresher for me and to give the vocabulary that might help parents be the faith educators in the home. Somewhere along the line- the "Design Team" that I worked with and I came up with a portable, doable, add to it as you along tool with a regular Rolodex. It was a part of the turn around energy that we were working to accomplish in the church setting.

Faith Life Happens in the HOME

The Turn style Rolodex is not inexpensive but when I work with families,  I explain that they are really working with this as a fifteen year investment. And in our family - it is a gift to the next generation.  It is the gift I gave to all three daughters at wedding showers.  The faith family gift for their own families.   The 2 5/8 and 4 inch size seems to work the best for this project.

A Gift for the newly married. A Gift to give at the Baptism of a Grandchild.  A Project to work on together with a grandchild. A Legacy to create in your family. 

It is never too late. It is always important to affirm Faith language in the family. It may be the gift that allows the Holy Spirit a great place to nurture and encourage a family- perhaps looking and searching  for what it means to be His people here on earth."

A Faith Tool Box  for Faith Filled

Family Life Living.

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written by Connie Denninger