Telling the Story of His faithfulness


  • is the centering of a growing relationship with the Lord we experience through prayer & time in God's Word.

  • is active, ongoing spiritual formation, worked out by the Holy Spirit and covered in Grace.

  • is storytelling that documents a contagious vibrancy to the witness of God's faithfulness to us.

  • teaches prayer as the foundation & umbrella for time spent in God's Word, using tools that benefit the visual, kinesthetic & tactile learner. 

  • includes liturgical resources and "Keep the Faith" projects to enhance our witness to the world of the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

New Arrivals
New Arrivals
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Visual Faith™ Ministry is the collaborative effort of on-line and "in-real-life" learning communities to enrich, encourage, and enable the connections between visual and kinesthetic learning and storytelling about God's faithfulness in our lives.

"I am not creative, I can't draw, I am not artistic."

Don't be discouraged. Try a few different resources and decide what works for you. It is not about the end result, it is about the time spent with God.

How can I share my faith with others?

Sometimes you might not be able to sit down with others and talk about your faith. But you can share how you use a resource to pray purposefully and you never know where that conversation might lead!

If your planned devotional time gets left behind …

"We have a God of Grace who always welcomes us back. Our God does not say - where have you been when you are away from Him, He says Welcome Back.’”

Connie Denninger

Conversation, inspiration & encouragement!


Have you ever seen inspirational artwork and thought, "I wish I had time for this!" Or maybe you don't consider yourself creative or artistic, and think "there is no way I can do this visual faith stuff!" With the life stresses of the Covid-19 new normal - loss of jobs, online school, etc. - we need a way to spend meaningful time with God.

Good news -- there is an opportunity to be inspired and encouraged!

Tuesdays@8 is Visual Faith™ Ministry’s weekly Facebook LIVE event. Our coaches and other visual faith artists share their hands-on practices and projects in a lively encouraging interview with Diane Marra, VFM Coach, Webmaster, and Social Media Manager.

Each week we have a discussion and sharing about a particular visual faith practice. This LIVE time equips us for ways to focus during prayer, meaningful time in God's Word, as well as inspiring ideas of how to share Jesus with others. You will be encouraged with ways to grow your relationship and time with God. We welcome live conversation and comments from our guests, which only deepens the benefits of this short time together.

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