What is a Visual Faith Event?

Any gathering where the exploring and experiential practice of Visual Faith tools are shared. What do Visual Faith tools include? Visual prayer-(Praying in Color) Bible Journaling, Bible Study Sketch notes and Sermon Notes, Faith Planners, Faith Milestone Projects, Family Faith Rolodex Projects, Prayers for My Children Flipchart, Counting Gifts and Prayers by the Month Notebooks, Lent and Advent Calendars, Confirmation Projects, Faith Art Projects, Faithbooking.


guidelines for hosting

How to get started:

  • Determine what kind of event you want to have- this is often determined by your meeting space. small, intimate group (25 and under),  mid-size 25-100 , over 100
  • Determine if this is a women's event, non-gendered, and intergenerational event
  • What is the time frame for your event? 1-3 day retreat, one day retreat, or a workshop framework-( Usually 3-4 hours)
  • Check calendar for reserving your space and see if a coach is available to meet your calendar needs
  • Contact a Visual Faith coach that might be a good fit depending on your topic, geographic location, and event length
  • You are off to a great start to host a Visual Faith event!

Host responsibilities

  • Commit to create an ongoing collaborative community following the event -online and in-real life.
  • Commit to exploration of Visual Faith practices BEFORE the event in order to stir up interest of upcoming event.
  • Supply suggested materials/supplies needed to explore experiential techniques- such as colored pencils, Fine-point Sharpie non-bleeding pen, or other art supplies, depending on the chosen activities.  ( a list for purchase can be supplied and shared by a Visual Faith coach before an event)
  • Agree to make needed copies for each attendee as sent by the VF coach of the event, All efforts are made to provide at least 2 weeks before the event. This can include handouts, prayer card or prayer templates, and bookmarks. A request to print certain items on cardstock may be requested.
  • Have the responsibility to have a tech person on site to hook up computer, sound and projector technology to make sure this is all in working order. (Some Visual Faith coaches may provide their own laptop for the event.)
  •  It is an extra blessing if there is a tech knowledgable person on site for the  actual event time frame- that is familiar with the onsite equipment. (If there is NOT tech supported equipment on site, this is to be communicated to the VF coach so they have time to make presentation adjustments.
Example Faith Event Banner

Example Faith Event Banner

Ideas for what a Visual Faith event might look like

Visual Faith event- for all ages!

Visual Faith event- for all ages!


Event hosts agree to:

  • Reimburse VF coach for all travel and lodging expenses. Transportation and lodging is always negotiable. and plans need to be worked out with each event coach. (The hope is that the presenter does not incur any personal expense to travel and lead an event).
  •  Expenses may include air fare, as well as luggage fees, uber or taxi fare, hotel expenses, event registration costs, and any meals during travel.
  • Mileage to be reimbursed at current mileage reimbursement amounts per mile. Suggested amount to be determined by each ministry setting, or group protocol.
  • Provide an appropriate honorarium for presenter as specified by protocol/standard of event host/site. Contact info@visualfaithmin.org  for suggested minimal amounts. 
  •  All these suggestions are negotiable-but please consider all the preparation time that a presenter will dedicate to coordinating and planning this event for your group.
  • Commits to coordinating all invitations, communication, and PR for the event- (A VF coach is always ready to share on any social media where they are connected).
  • Provide all technology equipment, sound and projection(some VF coaches do bring their own laptops).
  • Actively welcome event attendees that are beyond their own faith community group.
  • Compensate a Visual faith coach $100 if an event is cancelled less than one month before event date- to honor pre-event preparation time.
  • Work to communicate agreed upon event plans in a timely and written manner to prevent last minute event chaos and to assure well documented follow up.
  • Pledge prayer support to shield the event from Spiritual attack.
  • Help Visual Faith Coaches create a collaborative learning community as they seek to share any materials created for the event to other Visual Faith groups and communities.