New Hope Church "Doorways to Prayer"

New Hope Church "Doorways to Prayer"

how visual faith transforms us

  • “I have a tangible faith legacy to hand down to the next generation. It has become something that draws together both couples and adult children. Visual faith practices bring me JOY. “Bible journaling has opened faith conversations in the work place where there were NONE.”

  • "Here's my perspective: Bible journaling brings me utter, sheer, unadulterated joy! It has given me permission, as an artist, to create for the joy of glorifying God and not to create a product for sale. " Peggy Buckley Thibodeau

  • “I never imagined that prayer and Bible Study could be fun.The Holy Spirit is guiding this "movement". Praise the Lord!”

  • “Visual Faith is about finding a process that "creates meaning for me," or helps me to tell my story of faith.”

  • “Visual Faith practices help me to slow down, pay attention and deal with distractions.”

  • “It is a grace-filled practice. We LOVE that there is no "right or wrong" way for approach.”


"I've just started Bible journaling, and I am not an artist. I think Bible journaling helps me to come to Him as a child, so I can talk to Him about scripture, memories, and prayer needs as I try new things." Kathy Wasson Schaeffer

  • “It crosses over doctrinal issues that tend to divide Christian communities. It brings me back to the central issue of prayer and reading God's Word.”

  • “Just a little feed back concerning your class. I have started writing and drawing during church and it has surprisingly made a huge difference in my life. It kinda cements those messages into my head. For some reason, the Lord created my mind to move a million miles a minute and think on a hundred things. The writing and drawing have helped me to refocus my attention. I might look like a child doodling but, that's ok. Thank you for the class”

  • “We are studying the book of Romans currently. Usually I am able to use Precept Upon Precept materials for our study, but felt that in this case, my ladies would find themselves more discouraged than encouraged over the law orientation and heavy academic work, especially with the treatise style of Paul’s writing. I wanted to find a way to allow both my study hounds – (who love to dig, research, and analyze) and my other students ( who find that to be tedious and overwhelming,) to spend time with the text, allowing it to marinate. …We have [used a coloring sheet for meditation & memorization, a tangle design to pray for those needing the Gospel, and Advent calendar templates to be used in personal devotions]……I have had great response from this … I have always tried to use different learning styles, but this has pushed me to think a little further on what that looks like.” – from the director of Women’s Ministries at a large church

  • Feedback after an event- "Some ladies are so excited about it that they want to start a group to get together and journal. My 13-year-old granddaughter went home and made a prayer card for her friend whose mother was in a serious car accident. My friend's granddaughter and my three granddaughters plan to get together to journal.  Our congregation is studying 1 Peter during Lent as a devotion. Several said they are using the 2017 Lent paper with squares to journal each day.  I am doing that too. I find it relaxes me while it helps me to concentrate on the passages giving me an inner peace.  I am working on prayer cards for my family and some young ladies in the mentoring program in our congregation." - a grandma who came with her daughters & granddaughters to spend a morning in God’s Word together.

  • “I am embarrassed to send you my preschool scratchings, but they are attached anyway.
    The book of Revelation lends itself to trying this technique because of all the vivid imagery. I'd recommend it as a good starting point. Sorting the images and placing them in physical relationship to each other helped me to sequence the events and cluster visions to organize it in my memory.” –  a community Bible study teacher

  • "Our story is long and we are currently displaced. We lost everything...The kids and I moved in with my parents while my husband took a contract job in another city. I homeschool three of my four boys. This is the most challenging thing I've ever done. My every day struggle causes me to press into Jesus a little harder. I remind myself of who God is, so that I can move forward and lead my boys during my single parenting days. Attempts to find joy include creative outlets like faith journaling. It is what my soul finds most refreshing.  Thank you again for providing a new outlet for me to experience the Gospel truths being pressed upon my heart.” – from a struggling young mom attending an event with her mother


As missionaries, we don’t always see the fruits of our labors and often have to remind ourselves that the Word never returns empty (Is. 55:11). However, we do know with complete confidence that when we’ve shared the Word through devotion and prayer cards, it has not only been heard, but seen, read, painted, colored, and prayed. That’s one of the reasons we love the ministry of Visual Faith. For those of us who appreciate and take in the visual and the tactile aspect of learning, Visual Faith allows us to “inwardly digest” the Word to a whole different level….. and helps us share this gift with our community; we give a piece of artwork with His Word and that endures forever (Is. 40:8). This is our hope and prayer for these cards.  We hope they give opportunities to take in the Word, to pray it, and to share it. — Deaconess Christel Neuendorf & Elizabeth Warren, working in the mission fields of Latin America