Advent & Lent

And there are other ways to “pray in color”:

• Prayer calendars- You can follow the days of Advent or Lent by adding a word, color, design or drawing to the space for each day, from your prayer time, daily devotion, Bible study – to help you carry that thought as worship throughout the day. You could fill in a regular box calendar or others are available for download from Praying in Color websites.

• If you use a desktop calendar at home or work ~ you could add a prayer response to the box each day before you leave work and end the day….perhaps a connection to something you had “penciled in” for that day or a prayer for an upcoming appointment.

• What about using graph paper? Might be a doable “canvas” for the more structured thinker….

Simple: Prayer templates & inspirational coloring book pages are available almost everywhere – craft stores, Target, Walmart, gas stations - and on websites/blogs for free downloads. You just need a pen and colored pencils……

These prayer calendars and coloring pages can be kept accessible – in a file, notebook, or clipboard on your kitchen desk or work station or near the phone – so that when you get a phone call or think of a prayer need, it can be easily and quickly written down so you don’t forget…..prayer & coloring can always take place later when you have time.




Max Lucado book on a Lent calendar by Bev Wicher.jpg



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keep it simple & Handy

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No colored pencils? Don’t want to color? Black & white is okay! Place on a clipboard that you can keep handy or carry with you.