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Visual Faith® Ministry has been very blessed since our beginning in 2017. We are a team of nearly 70 women volunteers who have made this endeavor a reality as a joint collaborative effort. Our goal is to bring spiritual formation resources to individuals, schools, and church settings. In 2022, Pat Maier and Connie Denninger were invited to join the 2022 CMI  (Concordia Mission Institute) gathering as presenters. We left in awe of the amazing ministries of both Lutheran Bible Translators and Mission of Christ Network. We have been led to create the Mission Heart Award and are pleased to announce that this year both Lutheran Bible Translators and Mission of Christ Network are the recipients of a Mission Partnership gift. All board members, staff, in-country and deployed missionaries are eligible to receive the Visual Church Year (VCY) Annual Subscription, a $60 value. 

What is VCY?

Visual Faith® Ministry is blessing those in the Mission Field by providing a FREE annual subscription to the Visual Church Year Project (VCY)! This is a $60 value and is emailed (monthly) directly to you for your personal, family, and mission field endeavors. 

​Visual Faith® Ministry is committed to providing resources for all ages that will bless and benefit spiritual formation. We offer our Visual Church Year (VCY) - Children’s Bulletins and Sermon Notes to be used during Sunday Worship. The images and space provided are meant to help with focus and paying attention, acknowledging the visual/kinesthetic learning styles of so many, in order that the message might be remembered to talk about and share with others. We bring our children along to teach them the importance of regular worship, so they can learn to listen, praise, and pray. 

New resources are released each month following the 3-year lectionary. Resources can be downloaded for FREE.  In addition to the Children’s Bulletins and Sermon Notes, we also make the artwork that is used in these resources available as separate files that can be downloaded and used during other times of Bible study, Sunday school, VBS, for events, and more!

Childrens Bulletins

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Monthly Download 

Sermon Notes

To sign up to receive your VCY Blessing gift, please complete this form. You will begin receiving your VCY emails the following month. And will continue to receive them monthly (around the 18th of each month). 

Please provide your name, email address, mailing address, your Mission Field Location, and the Organization that sponsors you.  You must complete all fields to be eligible to receive this free gift. 

NOTE: Be sure to add as a safe sender in your contacts. Also, check to ensure the emails do not end up in your spam folder. (Periodically our emails end up in there. If it does please be sure to mark it as safe and move it to your inbox.)

Since you are here, please take a few moments to create an account on our website (Click on Login in the upper right-hand corner). You will then have easy access to our Shoppe filled with over 3400 Resources! 

VCY Registration

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