Paper Bag Journals

Simple projects using paper bags can be a great Make and Take. They can be the format for a retreat. Paper bag projects can be made as the "collecting " place for words of encouragement for someone going through a health crisis or recovery. They can be a blessing to others with words of Scripture.

Bags of all sizes-

Laid opposite end together. Various sizes of  paper bags- hole punched in the center.  Folded in half. Tied with a ribbon or yarn. 

Paper Bag Projects.JPG
Paper Bag projects (2).JPG
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Greeting Card Add- INs

Recycled greeting cards add many visuals and Bible Scripture words for a project. Pockets work for tags and "secret" places for journaling.

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Personal Story Telling

This project saved the words of encouragement to my mom when she was going through chemotherapy treatments. After her death the notes were taped all over the hosue walls and doors and mirrors. I collected them all again and they became the journey of grief as I once again used the stepping-stones for a heart of recovery.-Connie