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Around the Word-- Tell Me More!!!

Updated: Aug 15

Sometimes in the Visual Faith® Ministry community we use terms and phrases that are meaningful to the leadership and perhaps need to be sorted out a bit more. Around the Word, just what does that mean? How do I find out more about it and see if it is something for me? So here is a bit of the inside scoop.

Around the Word:

  1. Happens once a month, generally on the second Tuesday, at both 10:00am ET and 8pm ET on Zoom. Both sessions examine the same text and you do not need to go to both sessions if you sign up. (But you are welcome to join both!)

  2. This event is FREE and you will receive a packet with the Bible passage for consideration and some Visual Faith® resources to help you take note of the experience.

  3. It is One Hour Long. The leadership team works very hard to keep that commitment.

  4. It is led by members of the Leadership Team for VFM. They are humble servants digging into God's Word right along with you.

  5. You can choose to share what you want, give basic feedback, and choose your level of response.

  6. This event is NOT recorded. We consider this a private conversation. Processing happens in a small group setting, so the smaller groups have room for everyone to share.

  7. You are not asked to pray aloud in front of the group. It is a prayerful time in God's Word, but you are not "put on the spot" to pray.

  8. You don't have to be a Biblical scholar to attend. The leaders are engaged to help you Respond to God's Word in a thoughtful process.

  9. You choose how and what Visual Faith® resources you want to use to help you remember what you've learned. Or none at all-except your Bible.

  10. You can come one month and miss the next and still be "caught up" to join again. Each month's event stands alone.

  11. It is a time set aside to take a deep breath in a busy world and ABIDE. For one hour, the distractions fall away and you spend time with the Lord.

  12. You can invite a friend to sign up with you and both of you can enjoy the experience - from wherever you live.

  13. It is a wonderful way to "meet" some of the VFM team and feel like you have some new friends.

  14. Some churches join as a group and then facilitate the conversation with their in-person group.

Here is the link for signing up for the next Around the Word EVENT:

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