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God's Love...Prevails!

Do you ever try to plan out your life? Then, the moment you think everything is in place, it's turned upside down! As hard as we try to control everything, God's plans are always better in the long run. It's not bad to plan, but we must remember God's love and purpose that prevails.

Sometimes it's hard for me to plan for the future. At other times, I know exactly what I want. But in all things, God's plan prevails! God's purpose for us came before we were born. He promised a Savior at the creation of the world and fulfilled His purpose through His Son. Jesus Christ came into the world to deliver us from our sinful self and the troubles of this world. God's love prevailed through the body and blood of Jesus Christ...through his death we are washed clean...made pure and holy in God's sight!

God prevailed in his victory over the ultimate evil and temptation, the devil!

In this ultimate act, we were shown that God's love will never fail us, it will always prevail! Even when we are unsure of what's happening right now and what may happen in the future, God knows His plan for our lives will prevail. Because of His love, we have hope and can share God's PREVAILING LOVE with those who seek something more in this earthly life and beyond.

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