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Individual or Congregation License?

Did you know that Visual Faith® Ministry prices resources for Individual and Congregational use? What is the difference? When does it make sense to purchase a Congregational Package?

The coaches, authors, and artists at Visual Faith® Ministry enjoy hearing stories of how resources from our Shoppe are enhancing your daily faith walk. Our devotionals, artwork, and projects are created for use by someone enjoying sweet daily time with Jesus while sipping his/her cup of morning coffee. We love reading posts about how our family resources are used for evening devotions or as curriculum support by a parent who is homeschooling his/her children. In these and similar instances, we encourage you to select the Individual Use price when proceeding through check-out in the Shoppe.

The Congregational Use price is intended for those who are sharing VFM resources in a ministry setting.

- Do you need a Bible journaling kit for your Wednesday evening Bible study group?

- Would you like to use one of our Creative Haven videos and the accompanying packet of materials for a Saturday morning women’s retreat session?

- Perhaps you want to use the Way to Life: Growing with Jesus Kit with the Sunday school children?

If you’re facilitating a group event and need multiple copies of a resource or need to access a video clip multiple times, then the Congregational Use price is most appropriate for your situation.

95% of items in the Visual Faith® Ministry Shoppe are offered free of charge. In the case of those to which a fee is attached, we ask that you select the package that fits your situation. We trust you to choose and remit accordingly. The artists, authors, and coaches at Visual Faith® Ministry freely share their gifts and their work with this community and are not compensated in any way. The payments garnered through purchased Shoppe items are used solely to fund our monthly operating expenses. It is our privilege to make available these practices and materials. Thank you for joining our faith-filled community and engaging with VFM resources!

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