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Praying the Stitches

Visual Faith Coach Belinda Bost always finds a way to use visual faith practices in her daily life walk. Recently, she spent some time in the hospital after her husband's recent surgery

It might be the a few stolen moments to gather and create a visual that meets her right where she is at or to bless someone else on the journey.

Belinda has long been a proponent of "Praying the Stitches" and everything about that fits right into the framework of Visual Faith practices. It is the connection of the visual and the kinestethic perceptions.

We always talk about embracing the foundational challenges we have in our prayer lives. There are three main roadblocks: how to slow down, pay attention and deal with distractions. This tactile exploration sets the stage for prayerful engagement. Praying the Stitches? Yes, just another way to create space for the Holy Spirit to meet us- right where we are and to bless with us with hope and encouragement. Even in a hospital waiting room. Thanks, Belinda, for the grace-filled testimony.

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