Teaching the Lord's Prayer with Visual Faith by Lisa Stanley

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This year we worked on creating a Lord's Prayer visual faith project in the Kindergarten and Young 5's classrooms.

I chose to teach the Lord's Prayer at the beginning of this year because I had a number of new students who didn't attend our preschool last year and whose families do no attend our church. I always want my students to learn the words and be able to pray along when this prayer is used in church and school.

I remembered seeing the Lord’s Prayer Tracing Cross on the Visual Faith Ministry website, so I printed a copy for each student. Every week we did a section or two of the cross, focusing on each petition and talking about what each part of the prayer meant.

I would have liked the students to write different names we use for God, but since we did this at the beginning of the year and many younger students were just learning to write, we just talked about the many names there are for God.

We also listened to two songs with lyrics including some names of Jesus: Emmanuelby Amy Grant and I Am by Mark Schultz. I always like to incorporate Christian music while they are drawing. It adds focus and meaning as we talk about and learn the prayer.

I try to be aware of words they don’t know and make sure we talk about those words and ask if there are any other words that need explaining. The children come up with their own drawings, or copy my example. During our talking, they share and bounce off ideas that come into their minds.

In fact, an idea to draw the devil came from the children! When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, I shake my head back and forth sideways as we say, "Lead us not into temptation." And then I shake my head up and down when we say, "But deliver us from evil."

I have children do it in church sometimes. It helps them remember the prayer!

I believe that the more children use all of their senses in learning, the better they remember what they learn and retain the information longer. It is a blessing to be able to apply these processes in teaching the faith to the children God has placed in my care.