Technology as a Discipleship Tool Across Generations

Updated: Jun 18

Emily Phoenix

The last year has taught us many lessons about ministry and how we engage people in the discipleship process. We’ve all expanded our toolbox of skills beyond what we were already engaged in as Christian educators in cradle to grave ministry. We’ve been personally impacted by the pandemic and watched the ways of ministry change quite dramatically. One of the most valuable takeaways for me is that technology truly is a tool for discipleship across generations.

When Jesus commissioned his followers to “Go and make disciples of all nations…” he didn’t say how to do it. For Jesus, “Go” looked like walking from town to town, to preach, teach and visit with everyone who wanted to meet Him. For the early church, there was similar movement except a big difference: followers of Christ went about discipleship with the witness of a Risen Savior. As the number of believers increased, the apostles provided opportunities to equip smaller groups to serve within their own communities. (Acts 6) And in this modern age, technology is one of the many gifts we use to gather, connect and teach.