Visual Faith in South Africa

In early November 2021, the Confessional Lutheran Synod of South Africa welcomed a team of supporters - pastors and friends - to their churches and school in Middelburg and the surrounding areas. The goal was to teach and encourage a church family that had lost two of its leaders in recent months. Visual Faith co-founder, Pat Maier was among the travelers. During the 17 hour plane flight, she put finishing touches on several Prayers For My Children projects to give as gifts to SA friends.

Pastors, seminarians, church leaders, teachers, and church members had been invited to a teaching conference. Pat was privileged to be invited to speak to the group about visual faith practices. Time allowed for a brief definition of what "visual faith" means and offers, as well as some experimentation with visual prayer and devotional journaling. A special welcome had been extended to other women members of the churches to come and learn about visual faith, and some were able to join for this session.