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Visual Faith Practices

Visual faith documents time with God through visual and kinesthetic processes that help us remember His Word and serve as reminders of God’s presence in our lives. We are all made in the image of a creative God, and visual faith is an invitation to slow down and creatively connect the story of God’s interaction in our lives, record His faithfulness in our life story, which then equips us with a faith story to tell others about a God who cares and loves us all!


Every process brings together prayer with the reading and reflection of God’s Word in a way that is unique for each person. It includes visual prayer, many forms of Bible journaling, as well as projects and other visual and creative practices. These “hands-on” processes become “faith tools” that, for many, prove significant to bring focus and help with paying attention and dealing with the distractions of our noisy, busy, media-driven lives.

Types of  Visual Faith Practices

Visual Prayer

Visual Faith Prayer is the process of connecting lines, doodles, icons, names, and images with God's Word in a way that helps us to focus our prayer time. This may be printable images (Print, Color, and Pray) or your own hand-drawn tangles. This prayer tool forms a concrete, tangible prayer so that this image may be recalled in prayerful moments in our day or given as a way to bless others with prayer.

Bible Journaling

The process of Bible Journaling always begins with prayer and taking time to read a portion of scripture - it might be a whole chapter or just a few verses - then pausing to reflect on it:

  • what God is asking, promising, teaching?

  • how does it relate to my life right now?

  • how might I respond?

God created us in His image - each with uniquely creative ideas and talents. He reveals His purpose and will for us in His Word and, as an act of worship, we bring glory to His name when we use our gifts to honor Him through the practice of Bible Journaling.

Visual Faith Projects

Visual Faith Projects is the documenting of Faith Milestones with Keep the Faith projects to help us remember and see God's faithfulness. This may include ideas such as: tag projects, smash (junk) journals, Traveler's notebooks, devotional calendars, mixed-media canvas, celebration garlands, or rolodex projects. The process creates a variety of in-real-life and social media sharing opportunities for legacy storytelling with family, friends and neighbors.

Worship Resources

Visual Faith® Ministry is committed to providing resources for all ages that will bless and benefit spiritual formation. We recognize with gratitude the freedom to gather at our churches for praise, prayer, and the privilege of hearing the spoken Word - and we bring our children along to teach them the importance of regular worship, so they can learn to listen, praise, and pray.

The hands-on “tools” and resources offered here are pertinent to all, but might be especially helpful to those who are visual or kinesthetic learners, as well as the vast majority of us who suffer from “spiritual amnesia” (forgetting what we hear)! These materials are intended to provide families and people of all ages with help to connect what they learn and hear in worship with what they believe and share in daily life.

We invite you to learn more about these various resources.

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Church Year

Our Visual Church Year resources give you resources for 

  • Children/Youth of all ages, attending worship with their families, in person, or via live stream.

  • Youth, learning more about their Christian faith and taking worship notes.

  • Adults who like to take notes, or need a way to engage, while listening to the readings and message during a worship service.

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Sally Beck

For many years Sally was an illustrator and editor for Creative Communications for the Parish in St. Louis. She thought it was perhaps the best job in the world, one in which she happily used her art to express her faith by combining words and images. Bible journalists know that joy, too as they allow the Word to inform their creative designs. We are proud to offer these graphics for your visual faith journaling and other projects.

  • Original Artwork for Old and New Testament readings

  • Sermon Notes and 1/2 Sheet Graphics

  • Resource Graphics for Church events, Church Symbols, Holidays, etc.

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