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I've been a believer for 40+ years, and a "creative type" and natural networker since birth. My hubs and I celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary last year, quarantined together. We have 3 children adopted in 2001 who are in their 20s, and between their biological, foster, and adoptive kids, we'll have 10 grandchildren ages newborn to 19 before this year's over. Because my Lupus puts me at high COVID risk, I've been home 12 months, now. I've listened to a lot of audiobooks, read a lot of articles in magazines and newspapers, and lost 40 lbs. My house is a mess, with repairs and renovations commensing as soon as I get the vaccine. I'm politically moderate, and like to make friends with folks to both the left and right of me. We live in East Nashville with 2 cats of our own, and 3 (visiting?) grandcats, in an 80 year old Tudor Revival cottage. We enjoy classic film, travel, music, antiques, cultural festivals, theatre, and genealogy. Think of me as a slow-moving blur of activity. A whirling dervish who sometimes needs a walker, if you will. Luckily, I married a good sport, and he's joined in to my go-body ways! We really have too much fun for words! 💖

Cathy Sparks

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