Tangle prayers- connected lines and shapes, may be the beginning of a prayer. You may start with God’s name, a Bible verse, name, or request.

• Shapes, lines, or doodles are added around the words – this can be done in black and white or with colors

• You might use pens, colored pencils, markers, or highlighters.

• This can be done on a sheet of printer paper, in a notebook or journal, or on any scrap of paper!


START with a blank card

Start with God’s name, a prayer thought….. 

…or a name and add lines, designs,

more words, and color or doodle as you pray

Sybil MacBeth's page starter

Sybil MacBeth's page starter

printed images 

There are many coloring books available to use for tangle prayers. Visual Faith has blank resources available for you to begin to pray for others, yourself, a church, state, government, county- you get the idea!


Index card tangle prayer

Using a blank 4x6 index card, you can draw your own design, and pray for someone as you are drawing. You can add words, names, colors and designs. When you tell someone "I will pray for you" you will really be praying for them with a prayer card that you can gift to them.