Visual faith is just that: it's our faith thoughts and prayers put down on paper in a way that we can see our time spent with God. Because visual faith practices are often unknown, it is beneficial to share photos in order to picture what we’re talking about. This adds not only visual realization but inspiration!

In this video you will see a visual prayer path, prayer cards, Advent and Lenten prayer calendars, and prayers for an unborn child. Watch for visual faith connections on the page of a daily planner, a retreat take-away, and sketchnotes from a sermon. There are prayers, sermon notes, song lyrics, scripture, and heartfelt God-conversations written into Bible margins in response to His text message of love to us. You will see both adults and children practicing visual faith:  three generations spending time together in their Bibles, children coloring scripture during a worship service and a family devotion, and a family visually proclaiming their foundation on God’s Word as they write on the cement floor of their new church. And you will see the hands of a woman journaling her steps back to God on the pages of her Bible. Visual faith is words and images, collage and paint, hope and love…. and the telling of the story of God’s faithfulness in the lives of His people!

If I should speak then let it be                                 

Of the grace that is greater than all my sin

Of when justice was served and where mercy wins

Of the kindness of Jesus that draws me in

Oh to tell you my story is to tell of Him            [Big Daddy Weave – My Story]