Polaroid Praise

A simple way to bring focus to a Bible verse.  Using painter's tape - tape card to table top- placing tape to have a margin on the top, sides and a larger margin on the bottom. Using Watercolor Cards (Michael's or Hobby Lobby) simply add watercolor.

Then with a Sharpie pen add silhouette images to the card. You may use a regular or fine-point Sharpie pen.  Image ideas can be found by Googling Silhouettes.  Remove tape and add Bible verse in the bottom space. Polaroid Praise is ready to display or bless someone else!  

We thank  Visual Faith coach- Michele Bowden for demonstrating this great and simple idea at a recent Creative Haven event.  She will be at the Visual Faith Assembly on August 3, 2018 at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield, Virginia to share this idea with others