paper bag

A First Communion Paper Bag Journal

I had some time with my granddaughter- Ellery Jane White (almost 8 years old) about three weeks ago and introduced her to Bible Journaling. She absolutely loved it. My friend Bev shared with me how to make the booklets out of paper bags. Well, Ellery just decided she was going to write her own story. She had taken her first communion in the PCA Church they attend the week before. Well, she sat down and wrote her thoughts. I was a proud Grammy for sure. 
It was wonderful to discuss the Sacrament of Holy Communion with her. Thanks be to God. I had such a blessed time with her.  

Thanks to Visual Faith Coach Jean White with this simple reminder that telling the story of significant faith milestones is both legacy and a blessing to the next generation. It also enhances the story we tell of God's faithfulness to THIS generation.