Bible Marginalia- Be My Witnesses


 Bible Marginalia Series- #292

Acts 1

The promise of the Spirit

and the Ascension of Jesus.


This reminds me of early years of parenting 

when you always offered something good

 as something was removed,

or even taken away.

Sort of the same thing when Jesus 

tells the disciples a very good thing

  would be theirs soon.

Right before he goes away.

Can't imagine the sense of BIGNESS-

as Jesus highlights the extent of their job.

"Tell people about me everywhere-

in Jerusalem, 

throughout Judea, in Samaria,

and to the ends of the earth."

YOU will be my witnesses.

Then as Jesus was taken up into a cloud,

they strained to see him and

two white-robed men stood among them.

Maybe the disciples 

were use to seeing angels.

But, I imagine they listened

 carefully anyway.

"Jesus has been taken from you into heaven,

but someday he will return from heaven

 in the same way you saw him go!"

Gift promised to come soon.

They had their marching orders-

be my witnesses.

Same instructions for us-

as we wait-

filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.