A Visual Faith Coach Story- Gentle Persistence

Peg Peters came to a Workshop near her home in Indiana in the Fall of 2016. She went back very excited to share what she had learned about Visual prayer, Bible Journaling and all sorts of  hands on projects for Faith Keeping. She had been watching things online for awhile and learning and trying out new practices. She couldn't wait to bring them to her church community. But, the doors didn't open quickly for that sharing. Sometimes it is about patient waiting.

And then it was time.....On May 14, 2018, Peg Peters was able to bring the Prayers for My Children Project to her church- Driftwood Christian Church in Vallonia, Indiana. It was an intergenerational event. There were many ways they worked on it. And some were finished when they got home. A blessing to be shared. A blessing beyond the event. People of prayer. United by this common thread of love. Here is a bit about the event from Peg:

This event was part of our Mother-Daughter salad supper that we have every year on the Monday after Mother's Day. We call it the Ladies Salad Supper now since not everyone has a daughter.The ladies of our church were invited to attend and bring as many guests as they wanted to.We often have 3 generations.  This year we even had 4 generations in one family. We presented each lady with a ziplock bag that contained a glue stick, the 31 prayer verses roughly cut up and the 35 page booklet already hooked together with the 2 rings. The pages were made by a small print company(the owner goes to our church) The ladies got a good start on their books that evening and I encouraged them to take home any embellishments, etc. that they needed to complete their prayer books.  (Probably working on their own at the church for about an hour)Jodi, my daughter who is the Women's Ministry leader at Southeast Christian Church in Jeffersonville IN, presented the introductory part of the program. She is also an elementary teacher so she was able to share some insight as to how people learn in different ways.  Using the items we were that night was one example of learning. 

We announced at church and in the bulletin for ladies that had scrapbooking materials that were not being used to bring them along. I also had a huge pile of stickers, papers, all sorts of embellishments that people were free to use in their books. It was a little like the fish and the loaves of bread.  When it was over I gathered up more than I had brought it felt like!

We give thanks for Peg's faithfulness to find the just right event at the just right time.We pray there will be anymore gatherings. So may you be filled with patience- all coaches and encouragers as you seek to bring Visual Faith practices to others. Our Lord has the plan.Just be ready to share with humbleness when He says- NOW! Thank you Peg for your gently persistence and listening heart.




Multi- generation event


Peg Peters-(center ) and daughter Jodi and her daughter-Maggie.

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