The Vision Team

Visual Faith Ministry is the endeavor of Connie Denninger and Pat Maier to create an online collaborative center that brings together free Visual Faith tools and resources with practitioners discipled as coaches for others.  The Visual Faith Communities on Facebook gather regional members  in community and encourage the sharing of materials and resources in the FILES section in the groups.             (The future plan is to include the documents on this site also.)                          They enjoy leading retreats, workshops, and participating in many places of encouragement for Visual Faith practitioners. The expanding creative endeavors  continue to ignite their passion to lift up, connect and equip laypeople and professional church workers to serve using visual faith processes.


Connie denninger

Family Life Educator. Spiritual Formation researcher. Blogs at Vintage Grace. Gardener. Visual Faith Coach learning to be a Digital Missioner. Loves the sacred space of home.  Seeks to live life as prayer. Encourager to husband John, serving as LCMS Southeastern District President, three daughters with super spouses. Delights being Gigi to six grandsons.


Pat maier

Artist. Teacher. Visual Faith Coach. Friend. Uses God’s Word as inspiration for creative writing and drawing to cultivate understanding, hope, and joy in faith living. Loves nature, gardening, rocks, Montana, Michigan, and Family! Encourager to husband David - President of the Michigan District LCMS, 4 children, 3 kids-in-love, and 2 grandchildren.