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A Day of Prayer will be held on Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

This month we will align with VFM's focus on the spiritual discipline of service. Intercessory prayer is both a command and a privilege; we serve by carrying the burdens of others to the very throne room of God. As we intercede for the needs of others, those bold prayers unite our hearts to the hearts of the people for whom we pray. As we put their needs ahead of our own, we serve by interceding on behalf of a world broken by violence, injustice, poverty, and devastation. Join us for this day of service.

Please set aside some time that day (even just a few minutes) to pray individually. We also invite you to join us corporately that day. We will host 2 zoom prayer times on July 12 (10:00 am ET and 8:00 pm ET). We will use Lectio Divina during our time together on zoom.


This gathering will be FREE - but registration will be required in order to receive the zoom link and the resource document.


On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at 8:00 pm ET we will be holding a Tuesday@8 Creative Haven gathering where we will create a project together via zoom! The cost is $3. You will receive the zoom link and our new resource - "Movable FaithMail Project". (You should receive a confirmation email with this information immediately following your registration - Please check your spam mail)  This event will NOT be recorded, as it is a live event. We hope you will join us for our project party!  

Interested in inviting your friends to do this Zoom with you? Here are your options:

1) You register for the event: you will receive the zoom link and the resource file. You can print a copy of the resource for your guests to use. We ask you to donate $3 for each person in your small group. (Use the Donate button at the bottom of the page) You will log in on the day of the zoom and everyone would watch off your single screen.

2. If you think your guests would like to have access to the resource themselves for their future use then I would suggest you let each of them purchase the resource themselves in our shoppe here (share this link with them): They can purchase the resource and then print it themselves and bring it with them to your gathering. And then you will log in on the day of the zoom and everyone would watch off your single screen. (If you have a lot of people coming you might want to project your screen onto a TV just for easier viewing for multiple people.) We do not really suggest zooming in with multiple devices at the same location, as the microphones can cause a lot of feedback issues.

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We’ve gathered encouraging stories of transformation from 39 people to share their journey with Jesus in 45+ videos. Begin your adventure by committing

your path to the Lord's care. 

​Step out in faith and see where He leads you!

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Abide Retreat & Bible Study 

Prayer Practices for Anxious Times

Retreat March 6, 2021

The Abide Retreat access is now closed. Thank you to everyone who purchased a one-year access pass. We pray the material shared through the Abide Retreat was a blessing. 

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