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Practices Series

Visual Faith Ministry welcomes you to our new Academy series in which we share the basics of Visual Faith devotional practices. These recordings may be viewed in any order, as they’ve been created as stand-alone instructional videos. The resources referenced during the recordings may be found in the VFM Shoppe. Please engage with our VFM FaceBook community with any questions and/or with your plans for sharing these in your small group or congregational setting. We look forward to hearing from you! Each recording is grounded in God's Word and begins with a devotion by Carolyn Bira; you will find these devotions (and their accompanying artwork) in the Shoppe.

Practice #1

Gratitude / Prayer Spaces / Prayer Cards

Practice #2

Devotional Journaling

Practice #3

Seasonal Practices

Practice #4


Practice #5

Scripture Scribing

Practice #6

Bible Journaling

Practice #7

Around the Word / Sacred Readings

Practice #8

Visual Church Year & Worship Into the Week

Practice #9

Verse Mapping / Word Study

Practice #10

Praying Scripture

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