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Welcome to the Academy!

What is the VFM Academy? It is a collection of teaching tools/videos to assist you in your faith journey!

It is intended to be used by individuals, small groups, church groups, VFM Coaches and Ambassadors.

"Life to Death, Death to Life" The Lenten Journey

One passage, penned centuries before it would happen by the prophet Isaiah, paints in vivid detail the image of the Suffering Messiah. Because we stand on this side of the death of Jesus, we can indeed see the crucified Savior hanging on the Cross. It’s all right there. All of the Bible, and perhaps the verses in Isaiah 52:13–53:12 more than most, are meant to be studied and pondered over and over again. With this deep dive into this sacred reading, you have the opportunity to dwell inside of this passage for the 40 days of Lent

Want to understand the VFM Lenten Journey? Watch the video for what, how, when, where to join us on the journey. The first VFM Devotional, written by Carolyn Bira, can be downloaded and printed for your journal experience, or experienced as a flip book to read online. Maybe the Lenten pathway, designed this year by Ann Gillaspie, is a practice you already do daily. The Lenten Treasures kit and Easter and Lent Graphics kit provide you plenty of ephemera to create your own mixed media creative expressions of the journey. Meet us in the VFM FB community group to share your daily experience of this unique Lenten journey.

You can download Jenny's 7 Steps here. 

Names of God- Finding Refuge in His Name

Across the platform of Visual Faith® Ministry for 2023, you will find an emphasis on the Hebrew names of God as found in the Old Testament. We have selected 12 names or characteristics with which God defines Himself as found in Scripture. It is in the Old Testament that we learn of God’s attributes. It is there that we watch Him deal with His children as a loving Father who knows how to lavish love on those children while maintaining His own righteousness, holiness, grace, and mercy. The Names that He shares with us in those sacred Words help us understand who He is and how we can expect Him to react. The subtitle for this year’s emphasis is Finding Refuge in the Name of God. It is in knowing our God as clearly as possible that we find safety in turning to Him at all times and in all things. He is the Rock, the Strong Tower, the Shepherd, the One who sings over us; all those characteristics belong to Him, and it is in those Names that He defines Himself for us.

This presentation video with Carolyn Bira, Jenny Long and Diane Marra provides an overview of our 2023 Theme, ways to begin this journey with us and 7 steps to practicing Visual Faith®. 


Visual Faith® Ministry is founded on the truth that there is great power in God's Word. The practices of Logos365 encourage us to choose one word that will be a source of inspiration, challenge, and growth throughout an entire year. New Year’s resolutions come and go very quickly, but Logos365 is a year-long commitment. Choosing a word for the year is a tremendous tool that can bring focus and change not just to your spiritual life and practice, but to other areas as well -- physical, emotional, vocational, financial, and relational. Logos365 helps you set aside time for a word to take root in your life as God uses it to shape you and draw you unto Himself.

This LIVE Zoom video was recorded 1/3/23 to introduce Logos365 and explore this VFM Practice. 

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Names of God Faithart Journal Workshop

VFM's theme for 2023 is the Names of God. We explore a different Name of God monthly in our Scripture Scribing practice and our monthly devotion.  In addition many visual faith® practitioners have joined the Logos365 practice of living a word for the year. We wanted to demonstrate how you can create a container- a faithart journal- that would house your  visual faith® practices in one place. This workshop consists of a pre-recorded video and 3 of our Names of God collections.  Included are directions to create a personalized  journal cover and inserts to house all of your Names of God Monthly Scripture Scribing, Logos365, gratitude journal, daily prayer paths and other visual faith® practices. This LIVE Zoom video was recorded 1/14/23 in a special FaceBook group, and is available for purchase as a pre-recorded video.  All instructions and resources will be sent in an email after your purchase.   

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Lectio Divina is a tool that allows us to take steps, surrendering our own voice and listening instead to God through His Word. We're here to seek God's face, just as He tells us to.


In this practice, we are not adding to God's Word or expecting Him to say something He's not already said in His Word, but instead giving God our full attention (as much as we are able to do that) and setting aside the distractions that badger us all day long. Lectio Divina is an exercise in listening, with our mouths closed and our hearts open. This free package contains an experiential video and handout. Experience Lectio Divina for yourself, or with your small group. 

Scripture Scribing is the practice of writing a Bible verse or a passage; this daily practice slows us down, positions us to interact with the details of The Word, and often reveals nuances in even the most familiar of verses. The process of scribing allows the scribe to ponder new insights, to pray, to examine questions prompted during the process, and to receive God's gift of peace that passes all understanding. People who faithfully scribe Scripture would attest that this practice is foundational to their daily devotional time. This interview video with Carolyn Bira and Jenny Long  answers all your questions, and helps you get started!  

The new Scripture Scribing practice was launched September 27, 2022.  Watch the video of the zoom launch event, try your hand at scripture scribing, and hear three tips for beginning scripture scribing!   

VPrayer 101 Valerie logo.png

 Looking for a program for your church, small group or event to inspire and encourage people to pray?  Do you want to introduce visual prayer?

Visual Prayer 101 teaches three processes for beginning visual prayer. This package contains a full video presentation by Visual Faith® Coach Valerie Matyas.


Included: video link, handouts for note-taking and experimenting with visual prayer tools learned in the videos, and questions for small group discussions. Cost $50. 

Click to watch a preview of the actual video presentation. This will give you an idea of the wonderful content and presentation by Valerie.  You can use the video as a whole when presenting, or choose which visual prayer practice you want to present at an event. 

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