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Visual Faith Ministry Services



Our coaches are open to sharing with others and do so regularly through our online Facebook communities. Invitations to teach in person are considered individually, with initial contact being made through the Visual Faith® Ministry website. Our coaches have varied schedules and availability, desire to travel, and areas of specialty; each invitation is considered on an individual basis between the Visual Faith® Ministry Executive team, the coach, and the interested party.

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Our coaches are a multi-generational and diverse group of people, not limited to one geographical area. They are chosen as both in-person and online relationships develop, through continued conversation, mutual encouragement, and sharing of visual faith practices used in faith-life living.  Newcomers to Visual Faith® are encouraged to “practice” and experiment with the processes to find their own Holy Spirit-led “I.E.P.” (Individual Education Plan) – in other words, what methods and learning style are best for their own personal focus and remembering during prayer and time in God’s Word. In this way, each person develops their own unique story or testimony, which becomes inspiration and impact for sharing with others as a coach.

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Visual Faith® Ministry provides ongoing discipling opportunities for our coaches through planned zoom educational opportunities and “check-ins” for sharing, encouragement, and questions. Leaders are available for individual phone calls and digital conversations. Coaches, as well as other visual faith practitioners, are regularly discipled through online Facebook live conversations called “Tuesdays@8” with special guests, website blog stories, virtual retreats, YouTube videos, and FB post conversations.

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