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Bible Journaling Collage Style

Tag & Magazine Cut Outs

Here Sierra Burdon uses a tag, picture of a tree cut from a magazine, and other additions to add emphasis to the theme "Rooted in Christ."

Collage Tags & Magazine Cutouts.jpg

Layering with Fabric

Michele Bowden mixes layers of acrylic paints on paper with fabrics and lace as well as a few floral pieces attached with a hot glue gun. Hidden journaling is included in an attached card to preserve the Psalm 89 text. 

Collage Layering with Fabric.jpg

Junk Journal Style

The additions to this page are from a "to-go" bag from a restaurant. It is in the junk journal style over a background made with paper scissors and glue. Hand lettering is done with a Tombow brush pen and the area around the verse is highlighted by hand-drawn flowers using brush markers and a bit of watercolor. Tip-ins are attached with washi tape. - Michele Bowden

Collage Junk Journal Style.jpg

Printables, Stickers, Word Strips

An online printable is used here, and line art already in the Bible Margin is colored in with matching colors. Stickers, paper pieces, and word strips complete the page. - Sally Sulcove

Collage Printables, Stickers, Word Strip

Transparency Film

Transparency film was used to trace fish designs from a coloring book, while the Bible page is decorated with alphabet stickers, acrylic paint, and pen. - Sierra Burden

Collage Transparency Film.jpg

Napkin Technique

In these two examples, Candice Schwark uses napkins during her reflection time. In the book of Esther, a napkin by Jane Davenport is affixed by Perfect Paper Adhesive found at The simplicity of the image needs no color and Bible text is visible underneath. The right image is a strip of napkin attached to the margin with clear gesso. Words in decorative font were typed out on copy paper and resized. The words were reprinted on tissue paper which was taped carefully onto copy paper and refed through the printer. Attached carefully over the napkin with PPA.

Collage Napkin Technique.jpg

Collage (from the French word coller which means “to glue”) refers to the layering of various materials onto a flat surface. Think “scrapbook” - or that elementary school art assignment to create a collage … involving a glue stick, scissors, and stacks of magazines!

In Bible journaling, collage materials include magazine or bulletin cut-outs, vellum, paper doilies, notecards, photographs, stickers, tags, paper napkins, and more. Acrylic paint, watercolors, gelatos, and other art supplies are often part of the process. After reading and reflecting on a portion of God’s Word, the collage Bible journaler might respond with color and “found materials” that express personal emotion and meaning, connecting God’s faithfulness with their own life story.

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