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Jesse Tree Readings & Ornaments - Part 1 by Matyas/Helmreich - Black&White

Jesse Tree Readings & Ornaments - Part 1 by Matyas/Helmreich - Black&White


During advent we remember the promises and power of our God and Savior throughout the Old Testament as we eagerly await Christ’s second coming. This December, in the midst of the rush and bustle, take a few moments to dwell in His Word each day. Meditate on His truth and on His promises for you as you color or decorate each ornament. Place the ornaments where you and your family will see them often and recall God’s goodness together. 


This is Part 1 of 2 Parts

Part 1 includes a listing of the complete readings and the ornaments that can be cut out colored and hung on a “Jesse Tree” or even your Christmas tree or other location in your home.


Part 2 is a Devotional Booklet that includes the complete reading and a short devotion that can be read in addition to the reading and coloring of the ornaments.


Ornaments illustrated by Katie Helmreich | Devotions written by Valerie Matyas


Jesse's Tree | Creation | Noah's Ark | The Fall | Abraham | Ram | Tablet | Seashell | Hammer | Heart | Manger | Chi-Rho | Jacob's Ladder | Joseph's Coat | Burning Bush | The Read Sea | Commandments | Rahab's Rope | Ruth's Wheat | New Kingdom | Shepherds Hook | Elijah's Altar | Candle | City Wall 

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    This is an 8.5x11 inch pdf file. We suggest printing this resource on cardstock or regular paper.

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