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I'm new here. Saying hi from East Texas.

2020 was bittersweet for me. I turned 70 and my husband and I celebrated our 50th Anniversary!

However, 2020 shook my Faith many losses experienced that year. Personal and difficult. I know God wants me to get back on track, and my husband, Charlie, agrees with me that Moveable might be a good way to start. I'm excited! To God be the Glory! Great things He has done! And is Doing! And will be doing!

Oh...I'm a Bible Nerd, loving both reading and studying God's precious WORDs and also illustrating what it means to me via stamping, watercolor, and various design elements! Also, I love playing hymns, spiritual songs, and Old Time music on my Dulcimer, getting together with friends, driving my 1954 Packard Patrician, and photographing my family and various birds and animals! As I type these 'delights,' I realize how long it has been since I have actually taken the time to do them since October of 2020. I truly want and NEED to get back to these delightful activities that My Father God has generously given me to enjoy! Each one gives me much joy, however, I'm finding it so difficult to have the energy to get going.

I think God will use Moveable VFM to help me fan the flame of my Faith and return to daily joy, anticipating God's next move.

I'm a bit confused. Not sure if anybody is really out there. Am I writing this just for me. Maybe. It's okay if no one reads it. I think it has helped me to write it out.

I am reading and working through The Moveable Adventure, and I'm on page 16.

I will go to the Bible Study part 1, tomorrow. I love those two verses and I'm excited to dig deeper. I need to be patient.



Dottie Bee

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