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Lectio Divina

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Lectio Divina is a tool that allows us to take steps, surrendering our own voice and listening instead to God through His Word. We're here to seek God's face, just as He tells us to.


In this practice, we are not adding to God's Word or expecting Him to say something He's not already said in His Word, but instead giving God our full attention (as much as we are able to do that) and setting aside the distractions that badger us all day long. Lectio Divina is an exercise in listening, with our mouths closed and our hearts open. This free package contains an experiential video and handout. Experience Lectio Divina for yourself, or with your small group. 

The practice of Lectio Divina is also used during our Around the Word events. To learn more about these events or to join us visit our Events page and sign up for our zoom event!

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