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Topical Bible Tabs

This was a project that started about 27 years ago. Last century. When Bible Gateway was only a static tool. Before Google was born in 1998. This was my everyday Study Bible and I kept trying to remember favorite passages. I struggled to find them quickly when I wanted to look them up. I started a list and made my own tabs. Bible Tabs for ME. I shared it on my personal blog back in Oct 2014. Then in Feb 2015 I shared the list of the topics. I had to email the list to everyone who wanted it because that was the only way. Then, with the crazy algorithms of Pinterest those blog posts are heavily read. There has to be a better way to get this resource to people. Thanks for Visual Faith® Ministry and the start of our website in 2017. But still no TABS.

Thanks to the very helpful Creative Design Team - this resource has been updated into a "this century" edition. Print on cardstock or even sticker paper. Use what is helpful. Write your own. Use glue or double-sided tape to adhere. Be blessed.  Make these Topical Tabs for YOU!

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What a wonderful idea! Connie, you were destined to start Visual Faith Ministry with such relevant ideas as this one! Bless you for sharing and for providing the tabs for our use.

Mi piace
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