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So- What is Visual Faith?

I live life in the fast lane. No, not the fast lane filled with dangerous things. The do-things-fast lane. I’m a serious multitasker, and it’s crazy because I know that multitasking doesn’t really work. No question, there are certain times when a single focus is best – reading, chatting with a loved one, and praying. 

But golly, it’s sometimes hard, especially for prayer and study. I have always longed to have quiet time to connect with the Lord with intention and without distractions. So I’m grateful that I learned about Visual Faith®.

My first introduction was at a women’s retreat in 2016 where I learned about Prayer Spaces. They added so much joy to my prayer life! The two women who taught at the retreat are pastors’ wives and creative people who love the Lord. Together with the help of many volunteers, they launched this ministry, Visual Faith® Ministry! 

In a nutshell, as many of you already know, visual faith is a physical and visual spiritual practice that helps ordinary people like you and me focus on God’s Word and prayer. It helps us to: 

  1. Remember what God has done for us. 

  2. Trust Him. 

  3. Disciple those around us.

  4. Share His love with the world. 

(These are the four pillars of the Visual Faith® Ministry: remember, trust, disciple, tell.)

This practice can be as simple or as in depth as you want it to be.

Highlighting a verse in your Bible, Bible journaling, or scribing — handwriting a Bible verse in a simple spiral notebook. Visual faith. 

A stunning watercolor or calligraphy in the margins of a journaling Bible. Visual faith.

And everything in between! 

You can use the free resources and videos on the Visual Faith® Ministry website (you are here!).  But before you get started digging in, remember:

  1. This is not about the product. It’s about the process. So enjoy the process. Dig in and savor your time with the Lord. 

  2. Try something new. Some of these practices might seem intimidating. Start small but don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, if you try something for a while and don’t like it? It’s okay to move to something else. With time, you’ll find one or more practices that click for you. 

  3. Please don’t compare yourself to others. Again, this is about the process, not the product. Whether you are a skilled artist or you just doodle on a post-it while talking on the phone, you will grow closer to God through a visual faith practice. Your skill level does not determine how He hears your prayers. Look to others’ work for inspiration! 

Thanks to contributing writer Beth Foreman for her perspective about Visual Faith. To see more of Beth's writing check out-

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10 hours ago

It is amazing how much Visual Faith® Ministry practices have added to my life. Just like you, Beth, I needed - and still need, those slow-down times!!

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