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A Heart for Prayer- LWML and VFM

Some prayer resources shared at a LWML Convention in September.

The 68th Carolinas LWML Convention was held at Concordia Lutheran Church, Conover, NC on September 9th and 10th, 2022 and hosted by the Catawba Vally Zone.

The Catawba Valley Zone members are: Bethel Lutheran Church, Claremont; Concordia Lutheran Church, Conover, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Conover, NC; Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Newton, NC; Redeemer Lutheran Church, Catawba' St. John's Lutheran Church, Conover, NC; St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Lincolnton, NC and Trinity Hmong Lutheran Church, Newton, NC.

Visual Faith® Coaches Belinda Bost and Susan Harman led a breakout session introducing some visual prayer practices.

They put together a booklet and made "Faith Mail" packets as a give away. A great recycle idea was to use old choir music to make the folders that held prayers inserted to share with attendees. They had 30-35 in attendance at the workshops that ran from 1:30 to 3pm. They shortened the workshop to about 15-20 minutes each.

A variety of resources were created and shared. They introduced the Secret Code Prayer and the Stained Glass Prayer.

Belinda and Susan shared an interactive prayer idea using a fishing net. This is a simple way to add and collect prayers for a group or at an event.

Tags can be made or index cards hole-punched and simply tied to the fishing net. What do the prayers LOOK LIKE when they are gathered by a community?

A simple set up and welcoming space always makes it a fun room to share new ideas and let people try something new.

The LWML (Lutheran Women in Mission) Quarterly for Fall 2022 featured a number of articles about Prayer and Visual Faith Ministry. We are blessed by the partnership that we have with the LWML- Lutheran Women in Mission- to help people have an authentic and blessed prayer life and to spend more time reading God's Word. A special thank you to Belinda and Susan for sharing their heart and passion for prayer. There are many resources for prayer starters on our website. Here is the link to prayer practices on the LWML website--

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2 comentarios

04 nov 2022

Such a joyful pair with a wonderful prosentation!

Me gusta

Susan E Harman
Susan E Harman
10 oct 2022

Thank you Connie!

Me gusta
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