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A Worship Experiment

Updated: Jan 21

"How do I get started with Visual Faith Practices?" That is a question I am asked A LOT. "Take your Bible to worship." My answer might seem a bit flippant, but it is the simplest way to begin engagement. Somehow, we have become satisfied with a passive response in worship. My particular denomination is not known for showing up with our own personal Bibles. Unless you are "leading" Bible class.

This is one of the doorways into Visual Faith practices. Arrive with a non-bleed pen and 3-4 colored pencils. Something will happen in worship that I will need to note, mark, and pay attention to for later reflection. Sometimes it is simply noting the date for the reading, where we were for worship (we used to travel a lot and so that was important), and who was preaching that day. Other coloring and notes can happen later in the week as I continue to engage with the readings.

This. This. This is why it is important to take your Bible to worship. You are modeling for the generations that follow. What happens in worship has a Biblical context. Time together in worship with grandchildren is a GIFT. Use every moment of this precious time to show the way. Be careful how you shape the context for this experience with your words. It took me a long time to change from - "going to church" to "going to worship." The thing about practices is that we may have "some not-so-great ways" of doing things that the Holy Spirit has to pour grace all over our renewed, in-progress spirit.

Maybe your church gives out children's bulletins. You can always supplement them with the free worship resources from VFM. Come prepared for the quiet conversations in the pew with little ones- children or grandchildren. You might be blessed with the "take home gift" following your time together.

Devotional time later in the week can be processed in a notebook, journal, or binder. Worship into the Week resources give a great supply of materials to add to that practice.

So here is the Worship Experiment - take your Bible to worship. This week and the next week. Expect the Holy Spirit to SHOW UP for your time of worship. You don't want to miss anything. Let's do that for six months and I will check in with you about the experiment. Be blessed.

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I love this, Connie. Thank you for showing us The Way! ❤️✝️

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