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God's Love...Exists!

It is not possible for us to love without experiencing the love which we have been shown through Jesus Christ our LORD! Our ability to LOVE exists because God LOVES us!

This passage from Hebrews gives us such a helpful insight.

We exist because God created us, in His image, no less. And even though Adam and Eve committed the first sin and made all of us sinful from birth, God's love gave us existence. He loved us so much, that he still wanted us here on earth. He loves us so much because of what his Son, Jesus Christ did for us by dying on the cross. As it says in Hebrews "he might taste death for everyone." Now, we will all die, but through Jesus Christ, our eternity is a celebration spent in heaven! His death, and resurrection, gave us a purpose to exist and to share the Good News of hope we have in a loving God and Savior!

Our love EXISTS for...

...friends because God LOVED us first.

...husbands/wives because God LOVED us first. because God LOVED us first.

...for the weak and needy because God LOVED us first.

...for the broken and lost because God LOVED us first.

...for the proud and selfish because God LOVED us first.

Love as many people as possible while you are here on earth.

By loving because God loves us, we are showing those who seek some purpose, that God exists.

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