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Looking for Lenten Activities for Children?

"Visual faith" is any creative expression of faith that is visible, memorable, and points people to Jesus. We love to see adaptations and extensions shared with us from practitioners in homes, classrooms, and other gathering situations.

A group of early childhood students recently worked together to create a classroom cross. They used only natural materials from the classroom “creation station” - dried flowers, sea glass, stones, seashells, feathers, jute twine, and sticks (plus a little bit of hot glue!) The focus was the beauty of God’s original artistry in Creation - before people changed these items into something different.

Students learned how they were created in the image of God, therefore making them ALL artists. When some children expressed that they weren’t real artists, teachers were able to share what the Bible says – that we are ALL made in God’s image, and so if God is an artist, we are all artists!

Materials were laid out of the first day and the student were allowed to explore....(there was a lot of “feather floating!”) Normally, materials would have been requested from home to encourage family involvement, but due to the pandemic, everything was provided to keep things as hygienic and controlled as possible. Each class made their own class cross, which inspired some children to make their own personal crosses.

Students could choose two items at a time and add them to the cross each day over a week’s time. This helped manage the excitement of those who wanted to add all the items at once, as well as allowing them time to plan for what would be added “next time.”

Some of the children struggled to tie the sticks together for their individual crosses, so teachers held the crosses and added a dab of glue, while allowing them to tie and wrap the twine themselves. The focus was on the process instead of the product - exploring materials, expressing artistic preferences, and wonderful faith conversations during the experience.

Catie Berg, Sara DeYarmond, and Marianna Lozano are the lead teachers in the early childhood program at Our Savior Lutheran School in Lansing, Michigan. They’ve taught preschool together for just shy of a decade and are, as a team, passionate about teaching young children about the beauty God created for His people through the practices of visual faith.

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Visual Faith™ Ministry seeks to equip and support teachers and parents working to encourage faith in children. We welcome you to check out our

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