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WOW! Tell me about all those New Resources in the VFM Shoppe!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

We’d love to! Check each of the descriptions below to learn more about our new resources and how to incorporate them into your observance of Lent 2023! We are excited about these new offerings and pray they will deepen your devotional time during this penitential season. If you’re curious about the season of Lent or are unfamiliar with Lenten traditions, please see the previous VFM blog post for FAQs and responses.

Lenten Devotional Pathway – Created by Artist Ann Gillaspie, this Lenten pathway includes forty spaces in which you can write or color daily. This FREE resource could be used as a companion to a Lenten devotional, recording a word or phrase per day. It could be used as a prayer pathway, daily recording the names of people for whom you pray throughout the season. The spaces could be used for recording daily gratitude, confessions, and/or Bible verse addresses. This resource can easily be used during family devotions or in a classroom setting. Cost = FREE

Scripture Scribing Devotional Printable for Lent – A whole new concept comes to VFM in the form of a downloadable, printable, and interactive devotional guide that will carry you through the entire Lenten and Holy Week experience. Designed to draw you deeper into God’s presence while engaging you in Mixed Media applications, Scripture Scribing, and devotions designed for each week. This one is the whole package. Cost = $7

Lenten Series Flipbook – If you want a simpler approach to the VFM Devotional for Lent, you can access this whole project through a digital flipbook. Here you purchase to access the link, and there’s nothing for you to print! Pick up a journal and pen, and you are set to experience Scripture Scribing in its purest form. Each week throughout Lent and Holy Week provides verses to write out and devotional thoughts in support of the reading. Cost = $5

VFM Lenten Ephemera Treasures – These beautiful resources are intended to enhance and deepen your time in the Word and in reflecting/responding to God’s Word in a creative way. This resource was produced as a companion to the VFM devotional but could also be used apart from it. Included in this collection you’ll find 45 pages of mixed media artwork, graphics, backgrounds, and more. Cost is $9.

VFM Creative Haven Project – Artist Penny Adler has created a FREE Lenten project based upon Phil Ressler’s book 40 Things NOT to Give up for Lent. Using simple supplies and tools, Penny’s step-by-step directions guide you in creating one tag per day, based on the daily devotional reading. Please make arrangements to borrow or purchase a copy of Phil Ressler’s book prior to Ash Wednesday (February 22). Cost = FREE

VFM Lenten Artwork – Please visit the Shoppe (Lent/Easter category) on the VFM website. Cards, printables, margins, and projects for Lent, Holy Week, and Resurrection Day/Easter. Cost = FREE

There’s something for everyone, from simple scribing to full-on Mixed Media projects. If you’ve never experienced Lent as a part of your devotional life, maybe now is the time. If you’re a life-long practitioner, there is something new for you this year!

by Jenny Long, Carolyn Bira-VFM Vision Team

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