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An IRL (In Real Life) VFM Event

A wonderful Visual Faith® Ministry event took place at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana on October 22, 2022. They gathered to make their own Faith Book- Telling the story of His Faithfulness. Supplies and prep done ahead of time allowed attendees to get a wonderful start on this project. There is a worksheet to fill out ahead of the event to help gather important faith life information.

Visual Faith® Coach Teresa Davis, helper Sonya Eggold and the Emmanuel Visual Faith Team led the gathering planning. An accordion style booklet was chosen as the perfect resource to use for the project. Preselected packets of coordinating paper allowed a quick start for the project.

While hands are busy, stories are shared.

This event is the perfect way to record your own personal story as you listen to the journey of others. The project becomes a legacy for future generations. Project information includes:

your baptism date and place, your favorite Old Testament story, a favorite Psalm verse, your favorite hymn, and favorite soul-tending books.

Messy tables and creative stories are so much fun

to share with friends- new and old.

Visual Faith® Ministry Coach Valarie Messerschmidt guides her table with the tips for the project. This setting also gives the opportunity to get to know each other as hands are busy.

The group has decided to meet again in January to share their Faith book project with those who attended. They have an easy way to share the story of God's Faithfulness in their lives. Maybe you would love to host this event at your home or church? Here is a link to the project which can be done as a paper bag project or accordion book---

We give thanks for time to BE TOGETHER IN REAL LIFE and the joy that comes when you know your story to share your story.

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06 de nov. de 2022

Beautiful time with the Lord - looks like the sun was shining too!

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