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Walking With the Lord Paper Bag Project

Walking With the Lord Paper Bag Project


There are events, memories and people that are significant in your faith journey.  This Paper Bag project will provide a medium for sharing significant spiritual aspects of your life.


These answers are not in concrete because your story is fluid and ever-changing.  But in order to tell your story—you need to KNOW YOUR STORY.


This keep the faith project is also creating a faith legacy.   Please edit this document as the terms and names apply to your faith story.  This is your story, so tell YOUR story!


May these questions cause you to pause, pray, and respond to see what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life RIGHT NOW. (there are no Right Answers to these categories). There are also headings or prompts with are additional resource to be used with this project.


Realize that even to answer these questions is PROCESS.

Begin, and be patient as God meets you where you are in your own journey. Feel free to add other materials and resources to this Faith Milestone Project.


To see video examples using these free resources go to the Visual Faith Ministy YouTube channel and

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    This is an 8.5x11 inch pdf file. We suggest printing this resource on cardstock or regular paper.

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