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Visual Faith® takes the ancient habits of time spent in the Word of God and brings them up to our time as His believers in the modern world. As people with busy lives, we find ourselves distracted, detached, and sometimes floundering. The practices you will find on this website stand in opposition to those distractions as we remember all that God has done for us, trust that He will remain true to His Word, disciple the people He puts into our lives, and tell the world about His love and salvation through Jesus Christ. Visual Faith® Ministry will equip and supply you with resources that will slow you down, restore your ability to focus on the Lord, and enable you to enjoy being in His presence.

Our Shoppe has over 3,900+ resources available to enhance your Bible study, devotional time, worship, and prayer life, bringing you into a more faith-filled relationship with the Lord. Most resources are supported by a devotional practice designed to take you deeper in your faith journey. Every process brings together prayer with the reading and reflection of God’s Word in a way that is unique for each person. It includes many processes as well as projects and other visual and creative practices. These “hands-on” processes become “faith tools” that, for many, prove significant to bring their faith life to a new level of dedication and a deeper walk with the Lord.


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