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New Year’s resolutions come and go very quickly, but Logos365 is a year-long commitment of choosing a word that will become a source of inspiration, challenge, and growth throughout an entire year, giving time for that word to take root in our lives as God uses it to shape us and draw us unto Himself. 


Logos365 uses the tools of prayer, Bible study, creative expression, and reflective journaling in your Bible or Logos Workbook. Your Logos365 is not some promise you will keep for the rest of the year in order to make your life more spiritual or godly, the intent of your word is that it will become important in your faith walk for years to come. One aspect of this practice involves the community of fellow believers who gather several times a year (either in person or via Zoom) to support one another in this effort.

This LIVE Zoom video was recorded 1/23/24 to introduce Logos365 and explore this VFM Practice. 

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