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​Visual Faith® Ministry is committed to providing resources for all ages that will bless and benefit spiritual formation. We offer our Visual Church Year (VCY) - Children’s Bulletins and Sermon Notes to be used during Sunday Worship. The images and space provided are meant to help with focus and paying attention, acknowledging the visual/kinesthetic learning styles of so many, in order that the message might be remembered to talk about and share with others. We bring our children along to teach them the importance of regular worship, so they can learn to listen, praise, and pray. Worship Into the Week (W2W) will assist you with taking what you learned during Sunday’s worship throughout the rest of your week!

VFM has also enhanced our outreach to congregations with extensive materials designed for Lent and Advent. These can be valuable resources for telling the age-old story of the work of our Savior, Jesus Christ. All materials that carry a fee have a special price for congregations and they are affordable for all congregations.

Visual Church Year

New resources are released each month following the 3-year lectionary. Resources can be downloaded for FREE. However, a VCY Subscription (Children's Bulletins & Sermon Note Sheets emailed directly to you each month) is also available for $60/year. 

In addition to the Children’s Bulletins and Sermon Notes we also make the artwork that is used in these resources available as separate files that can be downloaded and used during other times of Bible study, Sunday school, VBS, for events, and more!

Worship Into the Week

A new Worship Into the Week Kit is released each month and corresponds to the 3-year lectionary that the Visual Church Year follows. Worship into the Week (W2W) is $5 per month or an annual subscription (emailed directly to your inbox) for $60.

Connie D W2W 5-23.jpg
Allyn Steffens W2W 6-3-23.jpg

Worship into the Week Examples The resources follow the 3 Year Lectionary.

Do you forget the sermon/message right after you leave church? We all suffer from spiritual amnesia. Great video that explains what "Worship into the Week" is as a  visual faith practice! Jamee Thieme, VFM Coach, explains how this practice gives her the opportunity to continue to reflect on the message/sermon from church!  

Want a glimpse into Connie's Worship into the Week Journal?


I AM ... Summer Bible Study Series


This I AM ... Bible Study is also available as a spiral-bound printed version found in our bookstore.


This digital version is an 8.5x11 pdf file. Which you can print on your home printer. (Your printer will need to be able to print 2 sided.)

These beautiful images, backgrounds, and verse-art pieces were designed as a companion to the Visual Faith Ministry SUMMER OF I AM Bible study. Simply print the page(s) you wish to use onto copy paper, opaque full-sheet sticker paper, or full-sheet transparent sticker paper. In addition to embellishing your I AM Bible study, these elements could be added to the pages of your Common Book, Everyday Practices Book, or Gifts of Joy Journal. They could also be used to enhance your Bible journaling, devotional journaling, card-making, and mixed media projects.

Visual Faith Ministry is eager to partner with you, your family, and your congregation in digging deeply into the I AM Names of Jesus. This series of eight stand-alone lessons, written by Carolyn Bira, serves as the very heart of VFM’s 2024 yearlong theme: Names of Jesus. Join us this summer for stand-alone studies! Sign up once and you will have the link for the whole summer! These studies will NOT BE RECORDED, but if you miss one, you can still come to the next! Sign-up Here:

To learn more about this series view the Preview and Prep video!


In this packet, you will find companion materials for VFM’s I AM ... Bible Study; these eight units are each centered on a different I AM statement of Jesus. Each unit includes learning activities for all ages, prayer suggestions, devotional thoughts, Scripture scribing prompts, and Bible-based puzzles. May this resource support your family as you dig deeper into the I AM Names of Jesus!


Lent/Advent Resources


This is a digital flipbook. We also have a printable version in the shoppe and a spiral-bound printed version available for purchase in our VFM Bookstore.

Observe the season of Lent by engaging with this lovely devotional pathway created by Carla Kramer. Based on John 14:6, this pathway offers 40 spaces in which to chronicle devotional take-aways from the daily readings from John’s Gospel. Use this template for prayer spaces or pair with A Lenten Meditation Journey: A Walk Through the Book of John (Chapters 12-21) available as a downloadable booklet pdf file and digital flip book in our Shoppe, or as a spiral-bound printed booklet for purchase via our VFM Bookstore.

"A Lenten Meditation Journey - A Walk Through the Book of John"

Engage with the beautiful tangles and writing of Carla Kramer as you journey through the forty days of Lent, with the Gospel of John (Chapters 12-21) as backdrop. Reflection/Discussion questions support each daily devotional. Five VFM practices are embedded in this Lenten journey.

Learn more by viewing our Preview & Prep video and hear from the Author of Carla Kramer about this amazing resource!


This Advent by Candlelight Event Kit includes:

  • 3 Options for a Visual Faith Advent by Candlelight event

    • 2-3 hour option

    • 2 hour option

    • 1 hour option

  • The options each include a script, a visual faith component, and a powerpoint file as well as a PNG file of an image in black and white and color that can be used in promotional materials. 

Each of these resources AND MORE! Are available for this Advent season.  Visit our Advent/Christmas Collection in the Shoppe!


This Advent Ephemera Collection includes 30 pages of printables.


Use this artwork for your journals, Bibles, or the Redemption Foretold Scripture Scribing Devotional Guide.


Enjoy Visual Faith® Ministry’s print-at-home graphic novel in this beautifully colorized version.  (There is also a Black and White Coloring Book Version available.) The Christmas story is taken from the Gospel of Matthew and Luke and is illustrated by Katie Helmreich. This resource is designed to enhance family devotions during the Advent season. It is also an ideal complement to seasonal curriculum used in Sunday School, preschool, and midweek classes, as well as adding a visual component to Advent services and children’s sermons. This download also includes a document of each of the images as full sheet (8.5x11) coloring pages.

Advent Series

Redemption Foretold

Visual Faith® Ministry's Advent series “Redemption Foretold”, looks at some Old Testament prophesies and their New Testament fulfillment, as we pause to think about the true meaning of Christmas. It all begins in Genesis. Fortunately, despite Adam and Eve’s sin and consequently, our sin, God had a plan for our salvation through Jesus. At just the right time, God GAVE His Son so that all people who believed in Him, then, now and in the years to come, could be forgiven of their sins and be received as His adopted children and inherit eternal life. Ponder on this promise fulfilled as you walk through these days of Advent.

Several of these resources are also available in a Printed - Spiral Bound version in our new Bookstore!


The Redemption Foretold: Scripture Scribing Devotional Guide engages the Visual Faith® practice of Scripture Scribing to take you through the Advent season. There is a daily set of Bible verses and commentary for each of the 23 days of Advent; each set features an Old Testament prophecy and a New Testament fulfillment of that prophecy. You are encouraged to scribe at least the highlighted verse each day and spend time of quiet reflection (even if it's just a few minutes per day), setting aside all of the distractions that so quickly drag us away from time with the Lord.

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