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Visual Faith® Ministry has a storehouse filled with a variety of faith legacy and seasonal projects. All of these projects can be used on your own, in your church/school, or with your family. This may include ideas such as: tag projects, treasure journals, Traveler's notebooks, devotional calendars, mixed-media canvases, celebration garlands, or rolodex projects. The process creates a variety of in-real-life and social media sharing opportunities for legacy storytelling with family, friends, and neighbors.


Our resources include but are not limited to:

  • Advent/Christmas 

  • Lent/Easter 

  • Thanksgiving 

  • Gospel of John and Mark 

  • Seeds of Life

  • The Way to Life Resources

  • Prayers for . . . 

  • Verse Card a Day 

  • Enjoy choosing from over 100 Projects!


Advent Accordion Mini-Journal by Penny Adler



Thanksgiving Garland Project Part 1 and Part 2. A Keep the Faith Project for the whole family. These files contains leaves and bible verses and directions. You will be able to create a 6-foot garland. 

Tag Project: Companion to "40 Things Not to Give Up For Lent" by Penny Adler

Gospel of John/Mark

John Diane Marra.jpg

The Gospel of John and Gospel of Mark Resources can be used as a Bible study. Read a chapter a week, color and meditate on the Sally Beck Graphic for each verse. Add to a series of tags, in a journal, or on verse cards! The Gospel of John was done on #12 Manila Tags, and the Gospel of Mark was created in a Journal. Both ways give you space to scripture scribe, and or write your notes or commentary.

Seeds of Life

Little seed packets filled with God's Word to encourage and spread His message to others so they may grow in His love.


These Bible verses will bring focus to the life that God Himself has given to us. He sustains our life and allows us to share His love with those around us. Use these verses to encourage your own faith as well as sharing them with others.

Way to Life

This Treasures Collection includes 31 pages of printables. Also includes directions on the pages to make a Treasure Keeper Journal. Other options are to make a card deck using these same paper pages, use pages for your art journals or add them to your Bible.

Prayers for ...

This easy-to-make prayer guide will support daily conversation with God as you intentionally pray Biblical attributes for your loved ones, for your adversaries, our broken world, and for yourself. Each day you will read a Bible passage and then pray that Scripture back to God. The following day, flip to the next card and pray that attribute, continuing to intercede day after day. At the end of the month, simply start back with Attribute #1. May this project bless you in your daily conversations with God AND bless those for whom you pray!

Academy graphic.png

Way to Life Workshop

Prepare for summer rhythms with a new series from Visual Faith® Ministry!

The Way to Life series is a Bible-based (as are all our resources) community event that deals with the Life that has been given us by our amazing God, both as our Creator and Author of our eternity with Him through Jesus Christ.

The Way to Life series starts with 30 bible verses focusing on the theme "Life" and provides lots of ways to study and apply God's Word. This Video event was aimed at using the Way to Life Ephemera kit to get ready to do this study beginning June 1. For two hours we demonstrated how to use the Ephemera kit to make individual bible verse cards that you can write your notes on the back, or use the pages in the kit to create a mini treasure journal. You could also use the ephemera kit in a regular notebook, a planner, or manila tags. Check out all the additional Way to Life resources, choose the ones that best fit your devotional practices and join us starting June 1! This LIVE Zoom video was recorded 5/13/23 and is available for purchase as a pre-recorded video. All instructions and resources will be sent in an email after your purchase.   

Names of God Faithart Journal Workshop

VFM's theme for 2023 is the Names of God. We explore a different Name of God monthly in our Scripture Scribing practice and our monthly devotion.  In addition, many visual faith practitioners have joined the Logos365 practice of living a word for the year. We wanted to demonstrate how you can create a container - a faithart journal - that would hold your visual faith practices in one place. This workshop consists of a pre-recorded video and 3 of our Names of God collections.  Included are directions to create a personalized journal cover and inserts to hold all of your Names of God Monthly Scripture Scribing, Logos365, gratitude journal, daily prayer paths, and other visual faith practices. This LIVE Zoom video was recorded 1/14/23 in a special FaceBook group, and is available for purchase as a pre-recorded video.  All instructions and resources will be sent in an email after your purchase.   

Names of God Workshop.png
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