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Visual prayer is the practice of slowing down to write, color, or doodle during a focused time of prayer. This includes beginning with a printable image or your own hand-drawn "tangle" design. This pause creates a moment of time to be still, while opening thoughts to the Spirit’s moving. Coloring, sketchnoting, doodling, all help with paying attention and dealing with distractions which results in more focused prayer. In this way, visual prayer is both the process of writing and coloring as you pray, as well as the resulting product; an image of time well spent with God. There are many forms of visual prayer, including:

Prayer Cards

These are ¼ page or postcard size images that we offer in the shoppe. These include images to color in while you pray for an event, individual, group, strength, peace, calm etc. There are several to choose from. Some are set up as Special Event Cards (Baptisms, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc) that you can print, fold, color, and send; some are set up as postcards. You can also make your own prayer card utilizing the Stained Glass Prayer, Secret Code Prayer (on graph paper), One Word/Image Prayers, Versicles, and more.

Prayer Postcards 2.png
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We also offer a Visual Prayer 101 Video course which can be used to host a group class. Click here >

Prayer Spaces

Prayer spaces, like prayer cards and pathways, offer areas to note prayer requests and to add color during the lifting up of those concerns. Prayer spaces provide a chronicle of your prayers, as well as a place to record God's responses. By locating this resource in a prominent place in your home, it becomes a visual reminder to be persistent in prayer. Family members of all ages can engage with this resource and deepen their prayer lives.



Versicles are a short sentence, or verse said or sung - with a following response. These prayer cards are the invitation and your time in praying over the verse and or coloring - is the response. These verse cards will be helpful for you to "hide God's word in your heart" (Psalm 119:11) as you color, rehearse, memorize, and use each verse as a prayer focus for yourself and others.


Blank Versicles to Color, or write in your own Verses, Names of God Versicles, and Versicles with Verses

Lunch Hugs

Prayer happens in all sorts of ways. VFM has provided a quick way to remind someone that you are praying for them during the day. They open their lunchbox, their briefcase, or their backpack to find a simple card that reminds them that God loves them, cares about their day, and you do too. You can color them before you use them, or just drop them into the places they need to go.



This FaithMail Kit includes several resources and a FaithMail Holder Template to create a Faithmail Packet to send to friends and family! Include in a crises care kit, drop into a 'welcome to the neighborhood' basket, share with your grandchild's Sunday school class, give it to your pastor to leave during hospital visits, mail to shut-ins, mail to a long lost friend, cheer up a church family member who is ill, encourage a prisoner, give hope to a disaster victim, uplift a seminary family, teach others, and make more!

We also offer our FaithMail Creative Haven packet which includes a recording of our zoom event where we teach you how to make a FaithMail packet! $5

Prayer Projects

VFM offers several prayer projects that allow you to create tools that will assist you in your daily prayer faith walk. The projects include: 

  • Prayers for … 

  • School Prayer Project

  • Daily Truths Cards

  • Seed Packets

  • Verse Cards

  • Praying Scripture

  • Thanks Verse Card Project

  • Gifts of Joy Gratitude Journal

  • Choose from over 25 other Prayer Projects!

Praying For... Cards.png

This resource includes 31 "Praying for ... " cards each with a character trait, Bible verse, and prayer. As well as, Directions for How-to Use this resource.

This project is a series of scriptures and prayers that uses “SCHOOL” in an acrostic form. Each letter is a starting point for an important aspect of prayer especially for your students.

Daily Truth Cards are available in 6 different sets. Waiting, My God, Armor of God, Comfort, Joy, Praise

Little seed packets filled with God's Word to encourage and spread His message to others so they may grow in His love. These Bible verses will bring focus to the life that God Himself has given to us. He sustains our life and allows us to share His love with those around us. Use these verses to encourage your own faith as well as sharing them with others.

Sally Beck Thanks Verses (hand drawn verse graphics). Start by downloading and printing the kit. If you want to create 4x6 manila cards, download the Thanks Verse Card Project Companion resource. Directions included. 

Want to find out how to prepare to be successful with visual faith practices? Bev Wicher author of “Gifts of Joy Journal” shares how to prepare and plan ahead to be successful in this spiritual practice. Guests Jamee Thieme and Connie Denninger, practitioners of Visual Faith® share their testimony of how this works in their lives. Always a great way to begin new habits and growing closer to God!

Prayer Note Cards
Prayer Spaces
Lunch Hugs
Prayer Projects
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