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Bible Study in Our New Reality

Have you ever had a project to accomplish that you thought might take you just a short bit of time? A project that you want to do, and you doubt if it’s going to take over your life? That’s how I felt as the idea of writing more studies for The Movable Adventure came into my mind. I wanted to write about a person in the Bible whose life was dramatically transformed by God. That seemed like an easy assignment. Moses’ story surfaced as a good one to write about, and in my drastically deluded mind, I thought it might take a couple of weeks. I was wrong. Moses’ story is compelling, complicated, and contains a multitude of life-lessons for all of us. This patriarch’s story turned into three Bible Studies, making a total of four for the Adventure – or so I thought. (Have you ever had an idea for something that seemed really simple at the time, and you can almost hear God gently say, “Well, why don’t you just get started and we’ll see what happens.” That’s what happened with those studies I thought were finished.)

Those three very long studies eventually, after numerous edits, turned into 15. When added to the newly edited version of the Romans 12:1-2 study that was written for the beginning of The Movable Adventure, the entire works now contains 20 lessons. But that’s not where it ends, because working with a collaborative team lies at the heart of Visual Faith Ministry. Along with the Bible studies, there are now Bible margins, mixed media projects, sketchnotes, and video/podcasts.

While we are all focused on the next 2 weeks leading up to Christmas celebrations, maybe we can take a couple of minutes to think about what’s next. After the hectic schedule that can overwhelm in December, perhaps we could look forward to a gentler time; a time to turn our attentions to the Lord in a more intentional way.

During the third week of January, this entire project is going to hit the Visual Faith website. You will have free access to the Bible studies, the projects, and the video/podcasts. There, the Bible studies will be available for free via digital download or for purchase on Amazon. The book will contain all of the materials you need to work through the story of Moses and make application to your own life. While the studies can most certainly be done by yourself, working in a group is always a better learning experience, and the material is designed to go either way.

Possibly the most exciting part of this Movable Adventure add-on will be the opportunity to participate with people from all over the world or just your own neighborhood and/or church. Starting in January, we will be offering online Bible studies with trained coaches via Zoom. This is an incredibly easy bit of software that really took on new life because of the pandemic. Zoom has taught us how to be together without being in the same room. And that has had amazing applications in the world of Bible study. This will be a new offering for Visual Faith, but we believe it has amazing capacity to really draw our community together and give you opportunities to bring your own study groups together. The possibilities seem endless!

So, look for the new material in mid-January and plan now to join in the fun!

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Jan 02, 2022

This is all very exciting!! I enjoy Bible studies with you so much!


Dec 16, 2021

Wow, Carolyn! What an abundant blessing! Thanks for all your work on this. Looking forward to this Bible study series in 2022.

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