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Gospel of Mark Project (size 2) - Images by Sally Beck

Gospel of Mark Project (size 2) - Images by Sally Beck


Available in two sizes, this collection of Sally Beck artwork corresponds to the Gospel of Mark lectionary readings. Adhere these images to tags, tabbed index cards, a traveler’s notebook, or a journal. Add Bible study notes, devotional journaling, prayers, and FaithArt as you contemplate Mark's Gospel.


  • This document's images will work well with #8 Tags and Traveler's Journals. They are sized to be 2.5-2.875 inches wide.
  • Specs

    This is an 8.5x11 inch pdf file. We suggest printing this resource on cardstock or regular paper.  These images are sized to be added to a #8 Tag and Travelers Journal.

  • Possible Uses

    This resource can be used to create a tag project to add to a Garland or a Travelers Notebook (TN) and much more. 

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